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Welcome to the New Home of South Pasadena Little League


Our Board of Directors of South Pasadena Little League donate their time and energy to create a safe, fun, and instructional experience and environment for all players and families. 

For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments in regards to SPLL, please E-mail us by clicking below.



 Alberto Ocon President
 Joe Payne Past President
 Melina Becerra Registrar
 Rosalina Cardenas  Secretary
 Ed Lee Treasurer
 Phil Stirling Baseball VP, Majors (Juniors, Majors)
 Sean Dwyer Baseball VP, Minors (National, American)
 Sam King Baseball VP, Youth (Machine, Coach, T-Ball)
 Devin Robinson Baseball Player Agent, Majors (Juniors, Majors)
 Fred Freking Baseball Player Agent, Minors (National, American)
  Vacant Position  Baseball Uniforms
 Eric Chabot Baseball Equipment
 Sean Malatesta Baseball Scheduling & Umpires
 Tom Woodworth Baseball Fields (Arroyo)
 Yvette Becerra Baseball Concessions (Arroyo)
 Javier Luevano Baseball Summer Coordinator
 Scott Parker Challenger, Vice President
 Joseph Ybarra Softball VP, Upper Division (Jrs, Majors, Minors)
 Karissa Chabner Softball VP, Youth (Kid-Pitch, Coach-Pitch, T-Ball)
 Victor Fong Softball Player Agent, Upper (Jrs, Majors, Minors)
 Joseph Ybarra Softball Uniforms
 Krista Ocon Softball Equipment
 VACANT POSITION Softball Scheduling & Umpires
 Keith Pearson Softball Fields (Orange Grove)
 Danny Becerra Softball Concessions (Orange Grove)
 VACANT POSITION Softball Fall Coordinator
 Sean Teer All Star Coodinator
 VACANT POSITION Board Development
 VACANT POSITION Fundraising Coordinator
 Danny Becerra Merchandising
 VACANT POSITION Photo Coordinator
 Grace Wu Safety Officer
 Bill Michels Sponsorship Director
 Kevin Lutz Trophies
 VACANT POSITION Volunteer Coordinator
 Scott Parker Webmaster
VACANT POSITION Community Relations
VACANT POSITION  Umpire Coordinator